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    Across an ocean of time pearls have adorned the necks of some of the most stylish and iconic women in the world. Dressed up or dressed down, nothing exudes exotic mystery and opulence quite like the pearl. From pacific lagoons to tropical seas, these organic gemstones form in some of the most exotic locales.

    Ever since I was a little boy pearls have always fascinated me. From the subtle rosé overtones of a Japanese Akoya to the soft satiny luster of a South Sea, I still find myself being overwhelmed by a pearl’s inherent timeless beauty.

    Michael Isaac, Creative Director, Gemologist

    Pearl Guide


    Celebrated for its supreme luster and subtle rosé overtones, the Japanese Akoya pearl is a symbol of elegance and status. With their timeless appeal these classic pearls typically range from 6-7mm.

    Pearl Guide


    French Polynesian Tahitian pearls naturally occur in a magical spectrum of exotic colours such as peacock, midnight black and pistachio. Produced by the black lipped oyster, radiating romantic mystique, these pearls are typically harvested at 9-11mm.

    Pearl Guide

    South Sea

    Its dreamy aura and soft, satiny luster make the South Sea pearl highly prized and sought after. Produced by the gold and silver-lipped oyster, South Sea pearls are typically harvested at 10-15mm and are the largest of all pearl types. Their colour ranges from light champagne to a prized golden.

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