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Engagement Ring Buying Guide - How can you cut the high cost of an engagement ring without sacrificing the quality?

It’s true, due to inflated mark-ups and unnecessary middle-men, most engagement rings are overpriced. And those costs get pushed on to you - the customer. Just like your relationship, an engagement ring should be truly unique. But that doesn’t mean it needs to break the bank. In this guide, we’re going to show you exactly how to cut the high cost of an engagement ring without sacrificing the quality.
5 Things To Look Out For When Buying an Engagement Ring
1. Where are you buying the ring?
Often times a brand that makes their own jewellery in house is your best bet. Simply because there's no costly middlemen who want their cut. When you buy a ring from a high-street retailer the price can be up to 50% moreexpensive. Not to mention, most of those rings are off-the-shelf designs.Here's a small guide to give you an idea:
Normal Journey

Diamond Mine

Cutting House

Diamond Dealer

Ring Manufacturer

Jewellery Store


MI Journey

Diamond Mine

Cutting House

MI Workshop


2. Where are you buying the ring?

Believe it or not, people can spend up to 20-30% of the value of their ring getting itfixed or maintained and many retail stores do not make it clear exactly what you are buying.

This can be very costly.

To avoid this, check that the diamonds used are ethically sourced and certified byone of the leading international diamond grading organisations. We recommend the GIA.

If a stone can also be chosen by a GIA qualified gemologist, even better.

Any reputable company should be able to give you this information easily.

With such a sentimental item, we recommend having the ring made in the UK with alifetime guarantee.

3. So what are the 4 C's?

Carat, Colour, Clarity, Cut

These 4 things greatly impact the price of any engagement ring.

Carat The heavier the diamond, the higher the carat weight. The higher the carat weight,the more valuable a diamond is. Carat weight is not a measure of diamond size likeoften assumed.

Colour Rated from D-Z, diamonds vary in how they are graded. D is the highest grade ofcolour a diamond can have. Those graded Z reflect the lowest amount of light andtherefore appear dull to the eye. You want the highest colour grade you can get.

Clarity The clarity of a diamond is determined by how clean it is to the eye. You want tochoose a diamond that is classed VS1/VS2 or above to ensure maximum clarity

Cut If a diamond is properly cut, it should capture and throw back as much light as possible giving it that beautiful sparkle. If the proportions of a diamond are too deep. or too shallow, light can be lost. Dont lose that dazzlethe most credible of all.

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